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spent iu fighting against the enemy as well as hunger. Many
Portuguese fell ill and died. The rest to satisfy their hunger
turned Mnhamrnadans. On a day when there was no rain,
Albuquerque left for the * Five Islands' along with the
remaining Portuguese, and there stayed in peace for some
time <1510 August).
Kerala Palama,  Chap. 43, p. 113.
The Raya, while he was seated in the assembly with the
awaranayakas, said to Ayyana JIalaka ('Ain-ul-Mulk) and
AnkuŁa Bavu*, u As you lived in Bijapur for a long time, your
government is said to be more ancient than that of Yedula
Saha, you must have known his antecedents as well as the
circumstances (of the origin) of Nizam Sahu and Kutupana
Malaka. How did these chiefs acquire sovereignty ?"
Ayyaria Malaka gave the following reply:
*                  *                   *                   *
The Barudu of Bedadakotaf seized some territory and a
few forts which he began to rule firmly. The bearer of the
ffiqdi at his court? was called Yedula $ahu ; the custodian of
hawks Nizam Sahu; and the watchman over the hounds
Kntupana Malaka,§ Of these three Yedula gabu rules over
•There is no evidence to show that 'Ain-ul-Mulk and Ankus'a Ravu were the
contemporaries of Kr;nad?varaya. Both of them together with Jagadeva RSvn who is
mentioned further below in the text lived in the court of Ładasiva.
t Begadakota »the Telugu name of Bidar. Barudu is identical with Barld. As
BarSd did not seize any territory during Muhammad Bin TughUq's time, and as the, 'Adil
SB5h, the Nwwn ShSh and Qutb-ul-Mulk were never under the authority of Barid, it is
reasonable to suppose that the writer of this work confounds Band with his masters, the
Bahnwray Sultans.
J The teim^W, means a narrow necked vessel. It formed one of the articles of
royal insignia in the Hindu kingdoms. It was customary for a person to stand before the
king on ceremonial occasions carrying in his hands a golden gindi containing water with
which the king rinsed his mouth when he was inclined to do so. It is aot known
whether &ls practice also obtained at the Mussalman courts.
§ According to FerishU the founders of these three dynasties started from humble
beginnings. Ynsuf 'Xdil KhSn was the head of the royal kitohen.